Victory Baptist Church of Maple Grove
13560 63rd Avenue North, Maple Grove, Minnesota 55311

Jerry & Bonnie Bitner             World Baptist Fellowship

Charles & Juanita Bowen       World Baptist Fellowship

Tommy & Ennie Bowen         World Baptist Fellowship

Project Nehemiah                   International Board of Jewish
                                                                       Missions Inc.

Frank & Darla Brim                World Baptist Fellowship

Dale & Janet Brown               World Baptist Fellowship

Tim & Star Carpenter             Bearing Precious Seed Ministry

Roberto & Patricia Coelho     Baptist World Mission

Daniel & Lydia Elliott            Central Missionary Clearinghouse

Jack & Ute Hardy                  World Baptist Fellowship

Paul & JoAnna Harmon        Baptist World Mission

Bill & Mary Horton                World Baptist Fellowship

Kyron & Antonia Horton       World Baptist Fellowship
Supported Missionaries and Agency
Mrs. Karen Faith Kuhns       Central Missionary Clearinghouse

Robert & Esther Marsh         Independent Faith Mission

                                            Baptist Mid-Missions

Corey & Lori Meir               

Marlin & Lisa Petersen          Windsor Hills Baptist Church Oklahoma City

Michael & Katrina Reid         Baptist Missions to Forgotten Peoples Inc.

                                             New Tribes Mission

Wayne & Kari Seavolt           Southside Baptist Tabernacle
Sam & Amy Slobodian         Baptist International Evangelistic Ministries

Alton & Helen Smith             World Baptist Fellowship

Jayson & Regina Tulabot       Independent Baptist Mission for Asians

Dan & Vicki Weaver              Baptist Bible Fellowship

Rob & Angela Willoughby    Baptist International Missions, Inc.

Greg & Michelle Windell      Baptist Bible Fellowship

Nate & Sara Wright               Baptist International Missions, Inc.

Victory Baptist Church of Maple Grove contributes to the support of twenty four missionaries and their families.
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