Victory Baptist Church of Maple Grove
13560 63rd Avenue North, Maple Grove, Minnesota 55311
2017 Prophesy Conference
September 8, 9, 10, 2017
Armageddon's Arrival
Recording quality of Armageddons Arrival improves at approximently the 7:34 minute mark.

Antichrist’s Apocalyptic One World System
Recording quality of Antichrist's Apocalyptic One World System improves at the 13:40 minute mark.

The Temples Tell the Times – Past, Present & Prophetic TemplesProphConf170908.mp3
Recording quality of Temples Tell the Times improves at the 3:13 minute mark.

Masters Magnificent Millennium
Recording quality of Masters Magnificent Millennium improves at the 10:33 minute mark.

Conference Topics for this Conference
About Dr. Richard Schmidt
We wish to thank all those involved in making this years Prophesy Conference a large success.  Thank You!